Memory Bank - Remembering EARL SCRUGGS on what would be his 100th earthly birthday 1/6/2024

Remembering EARL SCRUGGS on what would be his 100th earthly birthday 1/6/2024 - When Darrin and I  first started making trips to Nashville, TN from Greentop, MO, we had visions of bumping into a Grand Ole Opry member, bluegrass heroes, or just any of the people we admired from bluegrass or country music. We were wide-eyed kids filled with the anticipation of being in Music City USA. I was so shy, even if I had ran into someone, I would barely have the courage to say anything.  I know that seems unlikely now, but it’s true. As we started touring nationally, we got to know many of the artists in Nashville. John Hartford quickly became a dear friend.  On a particular trip to Nashville, Darrin and I received a call from John, asking if we would like to go to Earl Scruggs home to jam.  Of course we said YES! That evening we drove to the home of Earl and Louise Scruggs. I believe it was in Madison, TN. We knocked on the door, and as it opened I saw a very long white couch and gold lamps. It was the most beautiful room I had ever seen - all decked out in white and shiny gold. I thought to myself, “This must be what Heaven looks like, and if I ever become successful in music, I’m gonna have a long white couch just like Earl Scruggs.  We had a short visit, then we took out our instruments and enjoyed an hour or so of jamming at the home of Earl Scruggs.  It was surreal, as if we were in a dream.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to perform with and visit with Earl Scruggs in many different settings.  I think the last time I saw Earl was at the Ryman, when he stopped by to jam with Steve Martin backstage.  

Earl was the brush with greatness that we had dreamed of. He was every bit as kind and gracious as you could hope for when meeting a hero.  I’m happy to say, five years ago, I ordered that long beautiful white couch just like Earl’s. 😁

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