Memory Bank - I Will See You Again

It was September 2007 when I had the opportunity to meet Harold at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival.  We sat on a park bench near the bus and had over an hour long visit.  Just the two of us.  We sat basking in the fresh morning air and beautiful sunshine.  After a long day at the festival and at the end of our second show closing out the night, I was greeted by Harold at the stage steps.   He said, “I’m 93 and I came to say goodbye, cause I won’t see you anymore.”  I instantly wrapped my arms around him and sang in his ear, “I will see you again - for this isn’t the end - you’re my forever friend - and I will see you again.”   I had just recorded this song, and I feel it was God’s gift to express to Harold and anyone else who wants to know and receive the gift of salvation.  Here’s a link to the song that was released just a few months after I met Harold.  “I Will See You Again.” - Rhonda Vincent