Memory Bank - Connie Smith

One early morning years ago — I was waiting in the airport to board my plane.  I had planned to sleep as soon as I got on the plane, and was so sleepy I was sitting with my eyes closed.  Then someone came up and said, “Where are you going?”  I think I was flying to Detroit MI.  It was Connie Smith looking at me.  I couldn’t believe it.  All I could think of, was that I wished I had put on some make-up and fixed my hair better.  There was Connie — all radiant and beautiful at 6 o’clock in the morning.  She was traveling with her steel player, and got my ticket and gave it to the steel player, and gave me his so I could sit next to her.  She and her husband Marty Stuart had been writing songs.  She was so excited about the songs and wanted to share them.  So the plane took off, and I’m sitting next to one of my heroes from the Grand Ole Opry.  Connie leaned over and got right in my ear and sang the newest songs she had just written.  CONNIE SMITH WAS SINGING IN MY EAR!! (That is what my mind was screaming).  My eyes filled with tears as she sang to me.  I squeezed my eyes tight, hoping she didn’t see the tears.  We talked and mostly she sang for the entire flight.  It was such a moving experience and one I will never forget.  Thank you Connie Smith for the flight of a lifetime!!

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