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Hunter Berry is known far and wide as an award winning, top rated fiddle player. Bar none, he is known as the best of the best! His mischievous personality keeps anyone who knows him, on their toes; a trait he clearly inherited from his mother, Sherry Berry. He's never known a stranger; striking up a conversation with most anyone; anywhere in the world! Hunter loves people, and they love him back. Though the fiddle is his main stay; he can play anything. His mandolin style is unique; and he has that special touch on any instrument he plays; from the guitar to the autoharp. It was years after he joined The Rage, that we discovered his vocal virtuosity. Hunter can sing any part, just as he plays any instrument. This versatility in music, voice, and song, along with his spontaneous improv, make every show exciting and unique. He's one of a kind in talent and personality. He's the senior member of The Rage, not in age, but in longevity. Joined January 1, 2002.


Brent Burke is one of the greatest dobro players in the world of music! His maturity as a player far exceeds his young age. Born and raised in Pell City, Alabama; his grandfather fixed up a old guitar for Brent to play as a dobro. Brent excelled on the instrument, and soon he received his first real resophonic guitar. He was so proud, he kept the instrument by his bedside, playing it first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night.  It was obvious he had a special talent for this unique instrument that some referred to as a Hawaiian guitar.  His talent was especially obvious to those who would see Brent perform with his family band; which consisted of his siblings and grandpa John. Brent is also an accomplished singer. He perfected his vocals and instrumentation during his college years at East Tennessee State University. He made History when he became the first person to receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music. He joined The Rage after graduating, and now lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Tensel and labradoodle named Oliver.  Brent is the first dobro player to join The Rage, Joined January 1, 2012.


Mickey Harris has emerged as one of the most sought after musicians in bluegrass music! His skill set reaches far beyond his musicianship. He is accomplished on many different instruments, and his keen ear allows him to sing any vocal part, as presented for 13 years as a member of The Rage. He grew up in a musical family around the Nashville, TN area. Murfreesboro, TN is his hometown. Mickey is steeped rich in musical heritage, performing on his Uncle Carl Tipton's TV Show, which was a popular stop for Grand Ole Opry Stars.  Mickey grew up watching, listening, and learning from his family; his Aunt Sophie and Grandma Louise providing a constant environment of musical influence, as they nurtured his talents with the love of family.

Mickey's grandfather played the dobro, and that's the instrument Mickey started on at only 5 years old. Then at the age of 9, when his grandfather needed a bass player for his band, he started playing electric bass. He moved to the upright bass when he was tall enough and strong enough to pull tone from the large instrument, when he was 12. His vast repertoire is derived from the roots of country music, bluegrass, and beyond. Mickey knows thousands of songs, and can easily host his own show with his wide array of songs.

He quickly learned as he began receiving calls as a teenager to join many bands, that the bass was the instrument that would keep him employed as a musician. Mickey is one of the most talented people I've ever known. He can run a back hoe, or drive anything from a motor coach to a dump truck. He's also an inventor, and his mind is a constant trouble shooter; pointing out the obvious long before anyone else can see it. Mickey's talents are limitless. He's been our Hero on many occasions; saving us from many break downs. We are fortunate to have him as a veteran member of The Rage! Joined July 13, 2002.


Aaron McDaris is one of THE premier banjo players in todays's world of bluegrass music! He possesses a rare intuition of knowing when to play, and how to provide the perfect accent around a singer.  Aaron can also step front and center with a driving force, as he displays in a song he wrote titled "All About The Banjo".  He is accomplished on many different instruments, but he knew when he first heard a banjo, that it was what he wanted to play professionally.    Even through his attendance in college; he yearned to be on the road, performing, and playing bluegrass music. He studied Agricultural Science at Missouri State in Springfield, MO. Aaron always has a smile and quick to offer a kind word; he's a true example of the Godly man his father (a minister) and his mother, (a minister's wife), raised him to be. Born in Hartville, MO, he now lives in the Nashville, TN area with his wife Amy, and two children.  I'm thrilled to have such a talented singer, instrumentalist, and positive influence as a member of The Rage! Joined January 1, 2009.


Josh Williams is a musician that can be anything he chooses to be! He's led his own band. He's performed with some of the most accomplished musicians in the world, and never failing to equal their talent on whatever instrument he plays. Whether as a solo performer, standing center stage with only his voice and guitar; or as a supporting band member; Josh Williams is as good as it gets! He sings every part, he plays every instrument; and each one equally well. When he first joined The Rage, I watched as he would pick up an instrument, and completely absorb himself in that instrument; bringing out the best of tones and of himself. His path in life has not always been smooth; though he beat the odds and made a miraculous return to The Rage in 2013.  Josh is a tremendous asset to any band, and a charmer to all who meet him. I'm so happy to welcome him back, and thank him for sharing his talents as a member of The Rage. Member  2004 - 2007. Rejoined January 2013. Cumulative 7 year member as of 2015.

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